eHLEE (eHistory Learning Environment and Evaluation) is an eLearning project successfully presented to the European Commission by the University of Turku, in partnership with the Universities of Uppsala, Hannover, Alcalá de Henares, Bologna and Pisa, the Finnish Virtual University and Primrose Publishing, on behalf of CLIOHnet. It is the result of the work and planning of CLIOHnet Task Force C. The contact person for the project is Tapio Onnela; Carla Salvaterra is the leader of CLIOHnet Task Force C.

Objectives for eHLEE are to collect information on experiences of both domestic and international eLearning platforms of Cliohnet members to develop new methods and practices of European level eLearning courses and platforms of history studies to disseminate the best practice methods and experience to Cliohnet member universities to enhance the uses of virtual teaching of history in Europe among Cliohnet and in other departments of history aswell to experiment in practice the ways in which courses based on European collaboration can meet the expectations of Bologna process in a way to enhance comparability and mobility within Europe to create an alternative base for collaborative courses and increase co-operation among European history departments.
The project will start at 1 September 2004.

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