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The Second Book of Little Dragon Mu
Mu visits the Netherlands

written by Ann Katherine Isaacs and Robert Wagenaar

with illustrations by Ursula Joell Mathers

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The Second Book of Little Dragon Mu






The New Story (pdf)

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The First Book of Little Dragon Mu
Mu visits Europe

- Cliohnet at the Frankfurt bookfair: CLIOH's Workshop I and II volumes and Little Dragon Mu are displayed at the Frankfurt fair.

- Mu's first book is printed (jpg)

- Little Dragon Mu goes to press

- Song for Little Dragon Mu by Wim Kratsborn (mp3)

- Little Dragon Mu - French version (mpeg video 20MB)


CLIOHnet KIDS creates materials for little ones. Our first history book will soon be available on paper. It is entitled ‘The First Book of Little Dragon Mu. Mu visits Europe’.






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But most of all, he liked history.



He liked learning about the great dragons of the past: brave Thing and the great king Mong. He read about the famous dragoness Tu who saved Dragonia from its enemies with a reptilian stratagy.




Mu thought that one day he could be strong and brave like Thing and Mong and quick and intelligent like Tu. He dreamed of a glorious Dragonesque future.




The Story (doc)

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