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The more than 30 students from
CLIOHnet universities from different
European countries who participated
in the conference elected three
coordinators to represent them:

Robert Balogh (Debrecen)
Eirik Lokke (Bergen)
Eleonora Lollini (Pisa)
The students presented a proposal
for CLIOHnet Students Network
in the plenary CLIOHnet session
on 18 June 2005.


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The weather forecast for Pisa is the following:
Tuesday 14 June: temp 19-26 degrees C, light breeze, slight cloudiness
Wednesday 15 June: temp 20-25 degrees C, breeze, slight cloudiness
Thursday 16 June: temp 19-27 degrees C, breeze, sunny
Friday 17 June: temp 19-28 degrees C, breeze, sunny
Saturday? we will tell you tomorrow. It looks good, but the proverb says that it always rains on the evening of San Ranieri (16 June), so fingers crossed.
The Pisa team

Conference Material
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Language and Identities
in Historical Perspective



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