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CLIOHnet2: "Consolidating Links and Innovative Overviews for a New History Agenda for a Growing Europe"

CLIOHnet2 is an Erasmus-Socrates Thematic Network. Its overall objectives are to establish and consolidate new approaches and standards for History teaching and learning at all levels. This goal is closely connected with the challenges and the opportunities created by the expansion of the European Union and its necessarily ever greater role in world events. CLIOHnet 2 builds on and responds to the context determined by the acceleration of the Bologna and Lisbon processes in their various articulations. Its members believe that a critically founded supranational view of History -- the ways in which it is conceptualised, researched, studied and learned -- constitutes one of the most important arms against racism, xenophobia and civil conflict. History constitutes one of the key fields where international understanding can be ensured -- or negated -- amd cohesive citizenship can be guaranteed -- or shattered.
CLIOHnet2's immediate target groups are first of all students, teachers and other higher education stakeholders in member and candidate EU countries. Its ultimate target is the European citizenry in general and particularly its young people. The broader context of operations of the Network makes it possible to involve other continents as well, through the Network's associated partners in SEE countries, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

CLIOHnet2 maintains a website, holds Plenary Meetings and National meetings in all partner countries; it promotes the formation of national working groups and websites; it has Task Forces devoted to particular aspects of its general concerns and it designates ad hoc Commissions to deal with emerging tasks. It promotes on-line and on-paper publication of books and other materials suitable for disseminating its results. It makes available learning/teaching materials and reference materials for designing programmes and course units. It encourages multi-cultural and multi-lingual learning, teaching and research capabilities. It collaborates with, promotes and organises other Networks and projects, among which Tuning Educational Structures in Europe, Tuning Latin America, the Archipelago of Humanistic Arts and Sciences and the Sixth Framework Network of Excellence,


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