Adana Intensive Programme



The primary aim of the IP is to create a context and learning situation which puts students and professors from different European universities and European countries into contact with the differing national historiographic and didactic traditions, dealing at the same time with certain key concepts in the social, political and cultural history. The second aim is on the basis of the materials presented in the IP and the discussions generated, to produce a collection of didactic materials on the religion and political change in the various parts of Europe which can be used in all participating Universities . A more general aim is to support the democratic process in Europe by forwarding and informed debate on the question of culture, religion and  political change. The IP is designed to present an innovative comparative approach to teaching European students about the important and delicate subject of culture, religion as it relates to the history and to the sense of identity of different European peoples. The aim is to place the recent momentous political, cultural changes in Europe in a historical context that makes them comprehensible and contributes to creating a common patrimony of information and critical understanding for general university curricula.


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