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The Çukurova University of Adana, Turkey, is organising an Erasmus IP on “INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUES : POLITICS, RELIGION AND CULTURAL CHANGE IN HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE”. The Intensive Programme will be held from 21 January to 1 February (arrival 20 January, departure 2 February).

The IP is organised in conjunction with the History Network, CLIOHnet2. The co-promoting institutions are the Universities of Pisa (IT) [Prof. A.K.Isaacs], Iceland (IS) [Prof. Guðmundur Hálfdanarson], Hanover (DE) [Prof. Elcin Kursat], Latvia, Riga (LV) [Prof. Ausma Cimdiņa], Vilnius (LT) [Prof. Loreta Skurvydaiter], Roskilde (DK) [Prof. Henrik Jensen], Alcalà (ES) [Prof. Rita Rios], Barcelona (ES) [Prof. Susanna Tavera], Miscolc (HU) [Prof. Emőke Horvath] and National University of Ireland, Galway [Prof. Steven Ellis].

Students of these Universities should present their Application form to their coordinator for approval, and then send it by e-mail to Prof. Elif Hatun Kilicbeyli at ipadana[at]

Other History students may also present their applications and be included if there are free places.


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