CLIOHnet 2 Spring Plenary meeting in Trabzon on 9-10 May 2008

Programme pdf

TrabzonDear CLIOHnet2 Coordinators, Supporters and Friends,

We are looking forward to seeing many of you in Trabzon next week. Kenan Inan has arranged everything in the best possible way, and certainly the meeting promises to be useful, stimulating and fun. We are very honoured to be invited by the governor of Trabzon to dinner; and Kenan has arranged for us to have a very significant study visit to the Sumela Monastery in the Altındere National Park.


Each of us will be lodged in one of two hotels which are on the Karadeniz Technical University campus. Laura Burgisano is writing to inform each CLIOHnet2 participant about which of the two he/she will be staying in.

In any case, the addresses are:


Sahil Hotel 
Karadeniz Teknik Universitesi, Sahil Tesisleri, Trabzon.
Koru Hotel
Karadeniz Teknik Universitesi Kampusu, Koru Tesisleri. 61080 Trabzon /TURKEY



When you arrive at the Trabzon airport, you will be picked up....IF you have communicated your arrival time to Kenan and/or Laura Burgisano. So, if you have not done so, please send the information on your arrival and departure flights to both.


We are sending herewith the Programme. As you will see, there are both Plenary sessions and Break-up sessions for the Task Forces and ad hoc Commissions. There will be reports from the Task Forces at the beginning of the meeting: the Task Force leaders will be finalising the materials you decided to prepare in Malta, so that the other Task Forces can see the drafts and make any suggestions; we also have a number of other matters to discuss in groups, including the effects of the Bologna process on History curricula, the new Tuning survey and our future (we hope) CLIOH-WORLD Network.

We will report back and take decisions in the final part of the meeting.


We will be sending more material about the meeting in the coming days: for now, best wishes to all.

See you soon!

Kathy, Laura, Laura, Adrian




TrabzonDear CLIOHnet2 Coordinators, Deputies and Friends,
we are happy to say that we will be holding our Spring Plenary meeting in Trabzon, thanks to the kind hospitality of Kenan İnan.
The meeting will be held at the Karadeniz Technical University on Friday on 9-10 May 2008.
This means that arrival will be on 8 May (Thursday) and departure on Sunday 11 May.

Reservations have been made for you, please confirm that you are coming and purchase your tickets.

Please note that to spend a reasonable amount in some cases you will have to purchase a separate ticket for the domestic flight

from Istanbul to Trabzon or from Ankara to Trabzon and back, leaving a good time margin to be sure you make the flight.

Please find below local airlines web-sites suggested by Kenan Inan. (Turkish Airlines) (Pegasus Airlines) (Onur Air) (Fly Air) (Sun Express)


You  can also find very reasonably priced tickets to Trabzon from some cities outside Turkey: for example from Frankfurt and Dusseldorf.

So please check out the possibilities on the Turkish Air site or with other airlines, and purchase your tickets, or advise us if you prefer for us to do so.


The contents of this website is solely the responsibility of CLIOHnet2; the European Community cannot be held responsible for this information or any use which may be made of it.