EUI Summer School in Florence on Comparative and Transnational History


Summer School on
"Comparative and Trans-national History: Theories, Methodology and Case Studies"
13-18 September 2009
European University Institute, Florence - Department of History and Civilization

Conveners: Prof. Kiran K. Patel, Prof. Antonella Romano , Prof. Steve Smith

Venue: Florence, Italy - Villa Schifanoia, Sala Europa

Are you convinced that national history and its approaches are limited? Do you want to look beyond the nation you are living in? In this case, you might be interested in HEC 2009 Summer School which will take place in one of the most evocative places in Florence: Villa Schifanoia.

The Department of History and Civilization at the European University Institute is a major centre of comparative and transnational European history. The courses will allow you to continue and to broaden your research interests in this field. Well known specialists from the European University Institute and from other European outstanding Institutions will present interesting ways of writing the history of Europe as well as raising important questions on its development.

At the same time, you will have the opportunity to meet our researchers, who are preparing their Ph.D. in this European institution, participate in a seminar in this centre of excellence, visit the library and have time to get all information about how to apply to the European University Institute.

In the evening, you will have also the opportunity to visit Florence, one of the most beautiful towns of the world!

Programme forthcoming!!

How to Apply

Applications must be written in English, and are considered valid only when all requested information is supplied.
Please read all the information below before submitting your application.


Participation in the Summer School is open to students of history, social sciences and related fields of all nationalities. Participants should be graduates or students in their last year. Enrolment numbers are limited and admission is based on merit.


Would you be interested in presenting your own work during the summer school? In case you do, please indicate so in your application. This will not have any bearing on the selection process.


Most courses are held in English, with some occasionally in French or in other languages of the European Union. Participants must thus have a sufficient command of English.

Schedule and Certificate of Attendance

Participants are requested to stay in Florence for the entire duration of the course. Attendance at all lessons is obligatory. A certificate of participation is issued at the end of the course.

Accommodation, Insurance and Daily Allowance

The Department of History and Civilization provides accommodation (in hotel rooms to be shared with other participant/s) and a daily allowance (30 Euros per day for five days) to successful applicants. Please note that travel expenses are at participants' charge and that the History Department does not provide any medical insurance and cannot cover any medical fees. Participants are advised to purchase international medical insurance in their home country before leaving. Supplementary small grants will be awarded to students coming from Central and Eastern Europe.

How to reach us

In order to have an idea about how to reach us, click here to get information about how come to Florence and here to be informed where EUI buildings are.

Send your application (download the .rtf file here) by mail, fax or e-mail to:

European University Institute
Department of History and Civilization
Summer School Secretariat

Villa Schifanoia
Via Boccaccio 121
50133 Florence - Italy
fax: +39 055 4685203
web site:
e-mail: HEC.SummerSchool [at]

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