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As always, CLIOH&CLIOHnet&Clioh's Workshop II partners are involved in a variety of coordinated, related but independent initiatives and projects. Sometimes 'outsiders', onlookers and other interested parties are confused by the many constellations and galaxies in the CLIOHsphere. Hardly surprising!

Full information on each project and activity can be found on this site. To faciltate understanding how the projects are related we present here a schematic overview.

1. The CLIOH Group ("Refounding Europe: Creating Links and Overviews for a New History Agenda") consists of 38 Institutions, engaged in creating teaching materials, models and modules, to provide resources for the partner institutions themselves and for others who are interested for teaching/learning about History in today's Europe. Specifically these materials are CORE and COMPASS modules, respectively for general History courses and for the preparation of outgoing Socrates students -- from whatever course of study -- including 'virtual' mobility students. These activities are carried out thank to support as an Erasmus PROG, now entering its 3rd year. A CLIOH-DISS proposal for 2003-4 has been approved; it includes 47 partners and aims to disseminate the materials and insights developed.

2. CLIOHnet ("Creating Links and Innovative Overviews to Enhance Historical Perspective in European Culture") is an Erasmus Thematic Network composed of 58 partners including all CLIOH partners, engaged in a variety of activities all of which aim at increasing the presence of a critical comparative historical perspective in European culture, not only academic culture. CLIOHnet holds two plenary meetings and 10 National Meetings in 10 countries each year; it collaborates with other projects such as Tuning, TEEP 2002, and now Tuning Latin America. In 2004-05 CLIOHnet devotes its activities to dissemination. It will hold National Meetings in all partner countries. It has presented proposal for CLIOHnet 2 to consolidate and extend its work in 2005-08.

3. Clioh's Workshop II ("Innovative Books and Multimedial Materials for Comparing and Connecting the Histories of European Peoples") produces books and other materials (videos and CDs) for use within the Network and dissemination to the general public.

4. Intensive Programmes: CLIOH&CLIOHnet&Clioh's Workshop II partners organise Socrates Intensive Programmes for their teachers and their students whenever possible. IPs give the opportunity developing new insights and resources by working together in a real teaching/learning situation. An IP on "Religion and Political Change: Past and Future" has been held in Riga in May 2003; an IP on "Citizenship in History. From Athens to the European Union" organized by the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid will was held in March 2004.

5. CLIOHnet has generated a network of excellence in European Commision's Sixth framework programe for research which is expected to operate from 2005-10.

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