CLIOHRES/CLIOHnet General Assembly 1 December 2007

CLIOHnet 2 Plenary meeting 2 December 2007


La VallettaNew: Conference Programme read (pdf)

Dear CLIOHnet2 partner,

we look forward to seeing you in Malta very soon for our Fall Plenary meeting, to be held on 1 and 2 December.

We have asked everyone to send us the flight numbers and schedules of their arrival and departure. If you have done so, pick-up service at the airport to take you to our Hotel has been arranged. The driver will have a card with CLIOHRES/CLIOHnet2 written on it.

We are staying at the Coastline Hotel, Salina Bay, Malta; tel. +356 21573781.

As you know we are holding meetings of three Networks (CLIOHRES, CLIOHnet2, CLIOHRES.doc) and the First Assembly of our Association. We hope that everything is clear in the Programme that you find below.

This will be a truly ‘historic’ meeting, a celebration of all we have achieved already and all we want to achieve in the future. In particular for CLIOHnet2: we will be called on to decide on the future of CLIOHnet: if our famous Network is to continue, a new proposal must be presented in February 2008. CLIOHnetWORLD?


Best wishes

Kathy, Gudmundur and the Pisa team (Laura Burgisano, Adrian Marinescu, Giuseppe Bagnato).




We will hold the first General Assembly of our CLIOHRES/CLIOHnet2 Association, in Malta on 1 December 2007. For this reason we ask you to arrive in Malta on Friday 30 November.

The main part of our CLIOHnet2 meeting will be held on Sunday 2 December. Departure will be on 3 December.

We ask you to make your reservations immediately and buy your tickets as soon as possible, because flights to Malta are still very reasonable priced, but we are informed that prices will go up fast as we get nearer to the departure date.

The situation is complicated by the fact that some of you will be present at the entire CLIOHRES meeting as well. For this reason, hoping to make things very clear, we are sending in attachment a little table which shows how the meetings overlap.

In substance:

All CLIOHnet2 Coordinators (ONE person per institution) will attend the CLIOHnet2 meeting and joint session with CLIOHRES on 1-2 December.

Please plan your arrival on 30 November and departure on 3 December.

If you are also a member of CLIOHRES, please plan your arrival for Thursday 29 November and your departure on 3 December.



Accommodation has been reserved for participants at:

Coastline Hotel

Coastroad, SPB 08

Salina Bay



As usual, we will pay for the hotel and meals for you (one person per university) . You are welcome to bring a spouse or partner, but you will be asked to pay the extra charges for accommodation and meals.

We will reimburse your air travel expense after the meeting when you send us the request with the used tickets and boarding passes. We can reimburse low-cost or economy  flights.

If you wish to stay extra days you will be responsible, naturally, for all the extra charges; you will also need to demonstrate that the price actually paid for the ticket is equal or less than what you would have paid for a ticket for the normal days of the meeting.

We are looking forward greatly to what we believe will certainly be the best meeting ever.


Best wishes

Kathy, Gudmundur and the Pisa team


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