CLIOH's Workshop


CLIOH's Workshop is a project presented on behalf of CLIOH and CLIOHnet by the Edizioni PLUS (Pisana Libraria Universitatis Studiorum), the University of Pisa's publishing house, in order to publish, test and use innovative multilingual, multinational teaching/learning materials and books for the general public which show in novel ways the connections and the diversities in the histories of European peoples.


Clioh's Workshop I

The project was presented, approved and granted support by the European Commission, through its Education and Culture Directorate-General's Culture 2000 programme for 2000-2001. It has now been successfully completed. CLIOH's Workshop I has been co-organised on behalf of the Netwrok by the Universities of Alcalá de Henares, Gent, Iceland and Pisa.

The three volumes produced are called "CLIOH's Notebooks". They have been distributed to the CLIOH and CLIOHnet Coordinators for use and testing in their Universities. Others interested in using the volumes should contact the publisher or the Project Leader.

Videos of the second volume ("Political Systems and Definitions of Gender Roles") are also available.


Clioh's Workshop II

CLIOH's Workshop II is a two year trans-national project which continued the work begun under the preceding project on a larger scale. Again presented by the Edizioni Plus, it was co-organised by the Universities of Cluj-Napoca, Graz, Pisa, Roskilde and Rouen.

"CLIOH's Notebooks II" are designed not only for use in higher education, but also for a broader public. The project, completed, foresees the publication of 6 volumes connecting the histories of the peoples of Europe.


Clioh's Workshop continues...

After the completion of the culture 2000 project, Clioh's Workshop continues as the publishing activity oh CLIOHnet and CLIOHRESnet.
Our first children's book is Little Dragon MU.
Foreseen During 2004-05:
- Citizenship and Minorities in European History
- Citizenship in Historical Prospective: from Athens to the European Union
- National Languages and Identities in Historical Prospective









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